The last one!

This is a very long academic year, not only for the duration it is very long also, because we had to do a lot of class works and tests. This year we had seven subjects every semester, because we had English such as obligatory subject during the two terms. Personally I liked much more the first term because the subjects was more interesting and in my opinion the subjects of the first term was more productive. The subjects of the first term were psychological systems and theories, social psychology, psychopathology, neurophysiology, develop psychology, English III and statistics II. And during the second term we have cognitive neuroscience, develop psychology II, social psychology II, introduction to the psychological evaluation, psychiatry, English IV and qualitative methodology.

During this year I think that my academic performance was good, despite this semester I had troubles with a subject because I didn’t understand the content of the class, but this doesn’t matter anymore because I understand the content now.

I’m going to start for the subjects of first term. The subject I like the most was statistics II because the numbers relaxed me; I guess you are asking now why chose this career if I like so much the numbers, well that have an explication, it is because I don’t like the math and equations and all of that, I like read but in this career we read a lot and I bored of that, so the numbers relax me and makes me think in other things different to the books and letters, it is my favorite subject also because I had a excellent an grade. Psychopathology and psychiatry was other of my favorite subjects because the mental disorders and the personality disorders like me a lot, and my marks in those subjects were very good.

Usually I have good grades in the test and works, but obviously not always because in the university that it is not rare, all of us have bad or regular grades sometimes.

The others subject like me too, and in my opinion I had a good academic performance in all of them, I really study a lot for all the subjects and that is reflected in the most of my grades and class works, I think that I am a very good student, but for that I don’t have a life!. Well the second semester is almost over, and I think that my academic performance was only regular in this term, because it was a very strange term and some subjects I really don’t like. So, the other year I will have better grades, I promise!.

Thanks for all Teacher Alvaro, the class was very good...=D.

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  1. Marcela although some mistakes with grammar, your ideas are quite clear and I liked your reflections. Congratultions!!